Monday, March 20, 2006

High on the Lord

Do you know what it's like

To sit in the middle of a garden
and be embraced by a cloud?

To open your bedroom window
and smell the mist coming into the room?

To be wrapped in a fog
and see everything as if in a dream?

To witness the dawning of a new day
and see both the sun and the moon in the same sky?

To watch the sun rise and set
amidst whipped-cream and cotton-candy clouds?

To bathe in the warmth of the sun
and dance at the glow of the moon?

To stand on a mountaintop
and touch the sky on tiptoe?

To stare at the night sky
and convince yourself you're in outer space?

To delight at the sight of the morning dew
kissing the soft petals of a newly-bloomed flower?

Or to walk into a labyrinth
but never lose your way
because you hear God's Voice calling out to you?

Or to understand and feel the graces of True Love
in the peaceful silence?

If you do know, I'm sure you'll be keeping all these things in your heart.

Monday, March 06, 2006

What a way to end the year. ¤sigh¤

Lintik benta! hahaha!

On to other news...

As of March 3, 2006, Friday, 5:45PM, my academic life finally ended. Well, technically, it's not yet over since I have yet to complete my clearance. But yes, no more exams, no more orals, no more papers.

On a sad note, I did crappy in all of my final exams. What a way to end my academic life. Goodbye 3.08 QPI. Back to C+ land for me.

On a lighter note, we won Best Thesis Poster Presentation! Thanks to Mr. Ego Faylona for his creativity & generosity to see our vision through. In terms of tangible academic recognition, this is the only thing I've ever received throughout my four years in college, so pardon me if I gloat a little. hehehe

Moving on to a much depressing note, I wasn't able to attend the ACIL Senior's Night last March 4 due to obligations & duty. Honestly, I don't regret having stayed throughout the whole SOA Elections/Delibs. I stayed because it was for ACIL, primarily for SOA, but essentially for ACIL because it's part of SOA. Pero oo, sobra akong nalulungkot hanggang ngayon at hindi ko nakasama ang mga minamahal kong ACILista sa huling activity for the year, to think na especially for the seniors pa yung activity. Alam ng mga kasama ko sa elections kung gaano ako nag-struggle sa pag-stay ko doon instead of going to the party. Napuri pa ako nina Makaw (Speed) at Reg (ACMG) when they said, "Grabe talaga ang dedication mo [for staying here instead of going to the party]! Kakaiba!" Hay. Humagulgol ako pag-uwi ko sa bahay kasi na-guilty ako for choosing to do my job over going to the party. I feared that my friends got mad at me for not showing up & seeing everything they had prepared especially for me. Buti na lang nag-text back si Rica kahit na 1:30AM na nun. Kung hindi, baka hindi ako nakatulog talaga. Thanks Rica, for your reassurance. Ay lab yu!

Pinakamasaklap pa sa lahat, hindi na ako nakapagpaalam sa mga kids ko sa area. Ano ba yan, ang ACIL na pinakamamahal ko, hindi ako nakapagpaalam. Naiinis ako, nagagalit, nalulungkot.


Still have to finish ACIL documents for submission. Plus clearance. Plus pack my bag for my retreat in Baguio.

Till next post.